Gluten Free Diet for Positive Weight Loss Results

Does following a gluten free diet have any positive or negative effects on weight loss? There have been some arguments it is an advantage for losing weight while others have stated that the diet is detrimental to weight loss and makes it harder for one to control their weight. Here I will give you some idea of what the advantages of the diet are towards weight loss and what the disadvantages of the diet are towards weight loss.


Many people believe that eating a diet free of gluten may be very beneficial to long term weight loss and weight control. One part of this argument is that many fatty desserts such as cookies and brownies are basically eliminated from the diet. Many other refined wheat products that you avoid while on the gluten free diet are common weight gaining foods such as pasta and pizza.

The diet is also much higher in protein and many nutrients than eating gluten products. This is also beneficial to weight loss because when you eat high protein and low-glycemic-load foods your body absorbs sugar much slower. This means that your blood sugar rises and falls much slower than normal which reduces cravings, a key to lowering your food intake in general.

A high protein gluten-free diet is also beneficial because protein increases your metabolism to burn calories. High protein diets also make you feel fuller so you tend to eat less.


The gluten-free diet does not have a completely positive reception when discussing it in conjunction with weight loss. Many people increase their dairy intake while on the diet which can cause a large increase in fats intake. This can have a very negative effect on weight loss and controlling your weight.

Packaged foods free of gluten are also becoming more and more common in the marketplace. This has a positive effect on the range of foods that you can consume on the diet but many of these packaged foods are ripe with fats and preservatives so try your best to avoid them if you are trying to lose weight on the gluten-free diet.

Finally, before people eat gluten-free
they are accustomed to eating larger than normal quantities of food because their bodies don’t process it correctly. When they start the diet they may continue this large quantity consumption which can lead to quick weight gain.   Should You Go On A Gluten Weight Free Diet It turns out, that gluten is found in most if not all processed foods which are unhealthy because they have high levels of sugar, fat and refined flour. These foods also lack the essential nutrients for a healthy body.

The fact is, cutting out these types of foods, whether they contain gluten or not, will enable you to lose weight anyway. Furthermore, most gluten-free foods, such as fruits and vegetables, are the healthiest and lowest-calorie foods you can eat. Just because famous celebrities have found success using this diet is not a good reason to follow suit. From what I’ve read it’s not the actual gluten that makes you lose weight.

Today there are many foods available to eat that don’t contain gluten. For example, instead of grains and pasta, you can choose corn, buckwheat, quinoa, millet, or arrowroot. Although I have heard the gluten-free bread does not taste as good as ‘normal’ bread. However, the amount of gluten in our food is increasing. According to Dr. David Brownstein – the author of “The Guide To A Gluten-Free Diet” genetically modified crops has increased the amount of gluten in our diets by as much as 50% – more than it was just 20 years ago.

He also suggests that people who don’t have a sensitivity to protein would still benefit from a gluten-free diet.


I would say that it is still inconclusive whether there is more of a positive or negative effect on weight loss in general.If you watch what you are eating and the amount that you eat then you can still control your weight fine while on the diet.

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Easily Lose 10 pounds in a week

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

A diet program that can make you lose 10 pounds in a week is the Cabbage Soup Diet a.k.a the ‘Mayo Clinic Program’ and ‘Sacred Heart Hospital Diet’. Pay no attention to these names as it is actually a diet that concentrates on eating unlimited cabbage soup for one week. The cabbage soup is consumed without limits because it contains very little calories.

The cabbage soup diet combined unlimited cabbage soup with other foods. The other foods which are combined with the soup are skim milk, fruits, vegetables, and meat. No alcohol is allowed during the week and you are advised to drink plenty of water. The recommended amount of water is 8 glasses of 8-ounce glass daily.

While on the diet, you are not required to perform any exercise. The cabbage soup diet does not include exercise as the criteria to lose weight as it focuses exclusively on the food that you eat daily for a week. The meals that you will have in the cabbage soup diet may not be found in nearly all restaurants. As such you will have to prepare and cook your own meals and most likely you will be having meals at home.

Losing 10 pounds in a week is most likely to happen with the cabbage soup diet. Unfortunately, this diet is only for one week and you are advised to stop the diet after the week. To lose more weight, you must continue with the diet only after resting for 2 weeks. This must be adhered to strictly as this diet do not have sufficient nutrition. You are advised to balance the diet with some multivitamins to nourish your body with the much-needed vitamins.

This diet is not appropriate for the long term because it lacks in nutrition and calories. Also, you might become bored fast because of the menu. Nevertheless, the diet contains high fiber and it is low in fat. With these criteria, you will most likely lose 10 pounds in a week and you will have your desired body shape soonest possible.

In the event, you have to attend an extremely major event, and getting the dream body shape in the shortest possible time is of the utmost importance, then you should give the cabbage diet soup a shot.

Another diet program that you should look into to lose approximately 10 pounds in one week is the Calorie Shifting diet program. With this diet program, you will 4 specific reasonable size meals per day. The meals contain balanced food groups i.e carbohydrate, protein, and fat.

With the Calorie Shifting diet program menu Article Search, your meals will be spread 4 times during the day which will result in a metabolic effect that sustains the speed of your metabolism. This further makes your body burn calories quicker hence making you lose weight quicker.

Avoid the top 10 Menopause Weight Loss Mistakes

When you are stressed, as the body typically is during menopause, stress hormones block weight loss. Despite adequate food, the body acts as if it’s in a famine and stores all spare calories as fat.

Many women combine a high-stress life with a low-fat, high-carb diet which creates a powerful hormonal imbalance which causes us to gain weight. Yo-yo dieting exacerbates the problem.

Also, when a woman is on a high-carb diet she is often barraged with a craving for sweets. The body can’t maintain optimal blood sugar and serotonin levels, so you snack and drink caffeine to feel better. That makes your insulin resistance worse and the vicious cycle of gaining weight is accelerated.

During menopause, many women report that the challenge of weight loss becomes even more difficult. The need to lose weight haunts women most of the time, and now more men are reporting the same struggle. When women hit menopause, weight gathers around the waist and hips; despite our best efforts to diet and exercise.

What we know is that this additional body fat is linked to your hormones. Most women follow a conventional low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet with lots of processed foods. Eventually, this diet creates a condition known as insulin resistance; see Dr. Schwarzbein’s book on the book list. When you are insulin resistant, your body converts calories into fat even when you are dieting. Menopause feels like a losing battle, but it doesn’t have to be.

This leads to a metabolic disorder called adrenal fatigue.

During perimenopause, women lose estrogen which is an added factor to this problem. As estrogen decreases, the body needs extra fat resources. Other factors that play into this problem, are unresolved emotional issues, food sensitivities, digestive issues such as yeast, and even heavy metal toxicity

So what do we do?

The most important step is to get healthy!

Follow an eating plan like the one in the Schwarzbein Principle or the Zone Diet

You need protein at every meal, low carbs, very little to no processed food, and lots of fruit and vegetables  

Drink plenty of water

Take nutritional supplements

Try Supplements Designed for Menopause

But before I go on, I want you to jump a stubborn handle. Many people are so used to the ‘usual’ that anything unique is eyed with suspicion. This attitude will only tie you to the old outdated programs that scarcely produce results. You need to develop a welcome attitude to the new unique solutions to various problems facing you, otherwise, you will get stuck in the mire! This way you will discover a perfect or solution to the strenuous struggle with weight. You see, we are all created differently. What worked for your friend may not work for you, but the program you have doubts about could be a perfect solution you have been looking for. Read on …

Start exercising – walk 4-5 times a week for 30 minutes (it boosts metabolism).

One such unique program is up and about. Somebody discovered a simple easy weight solution just by chance. it involves no starvation, no strenuous workouts, and no complicated procedures to follow. The most notable aspect is the simplicity with which the program works. You may be desperate and hopeless because nothing seems to work for you. Worry no more. Try something fresh. What worked for your friend may not work for you because you are genetically different. You need to get up and hunt for something that will work for you.

You have tried one weight-loss program after another but they all never seem to work. In fact, the last one you tried last sounded very promising but 3 months down the line the weary some pounds are still there. Is there any hope still?

But you must get rid of those extra pounds. Too much weight is already weighing you down. If nothing is done, obesity-related health problems are soon setting in … cardiovascular ailments, diabetes, perpetual tiredness … There must be a way out.

Learn to love yourself during menopause and accept who you are and at what stage in life you find yourself.

Menopause can make weight loss even more challenging for both women and men. But with the right knowledge and some hard work, it can be done.

I wish you success in your re-energized effort to lose those extra pounds. Thanks for taking the time to read.

Reduce the stress in your life, make time for fun and relaxation – strive for BALANCE.

Stop weighing yourself, use your clothes as a gauge (focus on your health, not your weight).

Get help for emotional eating – you have to face your fears to get through them.

The real problem with the last program was that you really could not stand the starvation. The required workout in the gym was too strenuous. And who has all that time to spend in the gym in this fast-moving world

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Health and Fitness Tips

Staying fit and staying healthy are the two things best done together. You will feel better and live better than ever, and you will always know that you are doing your body a favor. One complements another, and even tho if you are living healthy it doesn’t mean you are being fit and vice versa, combining these two things is one of the best things you can do to achieve healthy physical well-being.

Sweet tooth – many people starting with a healthy way of life will have trouble cutting down on sweets. It’s just – sweets. We love them, they release special magic chemicals in our brain that make us happy like we are drugged and it’s hard saying no to them. But, if you decide to hold a diet – there is a trick to it. If you get a late-night sugar to crave, go for a fruit. Eat an apple, a pear, or some grapes, and see if it cuts it. Some vitamins and refreshments will do much better than hard sugar.

Fitness buddy – find a friend that has similar goals or even better motivate someone you know could do some good fitness in their lives and create a motivation wall for your own training. A training partner can do wonders on your psyche as they will motivate you and influence you not ta fail and quit and you can do the opposite for them. In workouts, you can spice things up with some competitive elements making it your goal to beat yourself through beating your partner. Just don’t go too far with it. Shoes – now this is a trick ladies don’t need me saying anything about, but you guys, be careful. Both ladies and gentlemen sometimes make the mistake of getting bad sneakers for their training. Your feet are foundations and you want them to support you the right way. Make your shoes comfy and soft enough not to give you blisters if you use them for long, and you will be at the end. Also, make sure they are not too soft and deform easily as that can damage your feet in the long run.

Music – you might not realize it but music is very important. The psychological influence of music on your everyday behavior is widely known and the same goes for the workout. Get your jams right, find the ones that motivate and inspire you, the ones that make you pump more and endure one more rep every time you are on the edge. Trust us, it can do magic for you. Results are not as visible as is the smile you have while doing your workout happy and in a good mind frame.

Portions – does your plate hold half of the place for the veggies? It should! You might be taking in way too much meat. Is your meal leaving you breathless and motionless? Maybe it’s time to cut it down. Take care of your meals and portions and don’t overeat. It’s better to have smaller meals that can digest properly than to stuff yourself full.

Achieve Your Goals Using a Wellness Plan

A wellness plan is a very important guide that can help you to preserve and also improve your health. It a short term and long term health goal that focuses on the daily choices that you make and how they impact your health. It takes into consideration your daily activities, your diet, your health goals, and the result you should expect if you follow the plan. The plan will encourage you to take steps towards maintaining your health and will also protect you from the common illness and health conditions you may have suffered. The plan will also reduce the money you have been spending on medications and increase your productivity. Above all, you will live a better life free from diseases. The plan starts by taking an honest look at your health issues. It identifies the health problems you have been facing and what you want to achieve.

Health experts now agree that proper diet, exercise, and a positive lifestyle can improve one’s health. For example, with the right wellness plan, you can learn how to control sugar levels, reduce stress, and even lose weight. Although you may have heard of a wellness plan for the workplace, gym or from your insurance provider, it is very important to have your own wellness plan. Having your plan will help you to keep your health goals in mind. To be sincere, nobody can dictate what you should include in your wellness plan. However, the following are very important things you should include in your wellness plan.

Short term or long term wellness plan

The first step to developing the right wellness plan is deciding on the type of plan you are developing.

A short-term wellness plan targets certain medical problems. For example, you may have identified what is causing rapid weight gain. In order to control and also lower your body weight, you will create a short term fitness planwellness plan that you will follow to lose weight. A short-term plan can also be used to lower cholesterol.

A long term wellness plan

This is a personal plan that focuses on your daily health for a period of more than 6 months. However, a long-term wellness plan should be flexible to suit your health changes. For example, the short-term wellness plan may be to reduce weight, the long term plan would be how to maintain your normal body weight.

Goals and objectives

Upon deciding the type of wellness plan you want to develop, you should now focus on the goals and objectives. To develop goals and objectives that are clear and precise, it is very important to know the severity of the issue. For example, are you overweight or obese? It is also very important to look at the predisposing factors. For example, what is causing rapid weight gain? Perhaps, you are gaining weight due to poor diet, poor lifestyle, or any other cause that you will identify. With the cause, you are likely to develop a prevention wellness plan. If you are planning to get or if you are pregnant, you will develop a pregnancy plan.

Know how you will reach your goals and objective

Now that you know the type of plan you want to develop, and you have your goals and objectives, it is very important to know how you will reach your goals and objectives. This is one of the most difficult steps that require professional advice. For example, if you are working to reduce body weight, you will require a fitness expert to advise you on how you will reach your goals and objectives. Some of the things that your plan should not miss include;

What Is The Right Diet?

What you eat has a great impact on your health. Whether you have developed long term or short term wellness plan, it is very important to include the right diet. Your nutritionist will recommend food that you should avoid and foods that should not miss in your diet. For example, if you are working to lower body weight, you should avoid junk food and carbonated drinks such as sodas, beers, and fruit juices. Junk foods and carbonated drinks are rich in calories and will thwart your efforts to lose weight and stay fit. If you are working to alleviate diabetes, you should avoid sugar-rich foods. Instead of fruit juices, you should consider taking fruits and water. You should always look at what you eat. No doubt, your diet is a very important factor that you should consider when developing a wellness plan.

Exercise Regimen

Another important factor you should not miss in your plan is exercise. Whether you are working to lower body weight or to alleviate diabetes among many other reasons, you should have a proper exercise regimen. Advisably, you should ensure that you exercise at least twice per week. Start small and with time, you will build the endurance you will need to complete complex exercises and workouts. For example, if you have been living a sedentary life, start by walking few kilometers a day. You are likely to improve with time.

Wellness Prevention

A wellness plan should also work to prevent health issues. Based on your health history, you can develop a wellness program that will prevent the health issues you have been facing.

Reward Yourself

You should also have a reward that you will award yourself, for following the plan. It is easy to follow the plan if you include rewards in your program. Start with a small reward to a big reward once you accomplish the major goal.

Involve your friend

If you want to follow the plan to the tee, it is very important to have your peer recording your progress. The peer could be your friend, wife or husband who will ensure you follow the friends

No doubt, following a wellness plan can be a daunting task. For example, if you are working to lose weight, sugar is very addictive and tempting. You are likely to face a lot of obstacles on your way. Having realistic goals, rewards, and peer support can help you to overcome such obstacles. With the right plan, you can guard your health and live a better life.

What you should know about the 1200 Calorie Diet

Most people often starve themselves in an effort to lose weight and keep it off. Studies show that people who lose weight at a moderate pace are more successful at keeping it off unlike those who lose it fast. Eating 1,200 calories a day assists most people to lose weight safely and efficiently. On the other hand, if you are feeling hungry on the 1200 calorie diet or shedding more than 2 pounds every week, it is time to boost your calorie intake. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention stipulates that losing weight at a rate of 1-2 pounds weekly is healthy and sustainable. This moderate rate of losing weight helps you avoid hunger and starvation which often leads to frustration when dieting.

According to National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, women require about 1,000- 1,200 calories daily to lose weight effectively, heavier or active women and men need about 1,200 -1,600 calories daily during weight loss. Active or heavier men require additional calories to lose 1-2 pounds weekly. Your individualized weight-loss energy needs are 500-1,000 fewer calories compared to your usual intake.

Losing weight does not mean that you starve yourself. So if you are feeling hungry most of the time, it is recommended that you increase your calorie intake to ward off the symptoms of malnutrition and starvation such as dizziness, fatigue, and hair loss. According to Weight-Control Information Network (WIN), shedding weight quickly is known to have adverse effects on the body such as gallstone formation.WIN stipulates that regaining the weight is common with low-calorie diet especially diets that contain about 800 calories daily or less. These diets should be avoided unless you are under medical supervision.

Rather than believing that twelve hundred calories can work for them, most people get involved in complex calculations using their body mass index (BMI) basal metabolic rate and body- fat percentage. While knowing your BMI and the body-fat percentage is important, the problem is that not many people understand these complex calculations. Rather than keep scratching your head as you try to figure out your BMI and basal metabolic rate, you are better off sticking to this calorie diet to lose weight. To put it simply, if you stick to your standard calories, you will never go wrong.

The calorie meal plan works effectively for most people because it is the minimum number of calories that you can eat in a day while still ensuring that you have all the nutrients your body needs to function effectively. Though this principle holds true, you should also be aware that the effectiveness of the twelve hundred meal plan depends on what you eat. Cutting back your meal plan while eating over a thousand calories of fries, sugar treats, and chocolates will not work in spite of your best efforts. If you try this, you will soon feel lethargic, lose concentration, and experience hair loss. In addition, you would be exposing your body to all manner of health complications.

So what should you include in the 1200-calorie meal plan? To ensure that you succeed in losing weight and keeping it off effectively, you need a meal that gives you the nutrients required by the body to function optimally. The ideal meal plan should have lots of fibers, proteins, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

Having a practical meal plan that takes your nutritional needs into consideration is critical for long-term weight loss and maintenance. Basically, the 1200-calorie meal plan works best with women. For men seeking to lose weight, the ideal figure is about 1800 calories daily. Men have more muscle compared to women and less fat, unlike women. As a result, they burn more calories even when resting. In spite of this, men still need a plan that applies similar principles in terms of eating foods that give them essential nutrients to sustain their bodies and keep them feeling satiated for longer.

So which foods should be included in the 1200 calorie diet plan?

The twelve hundred calorie meal plan should be constructed as follows:
3 main meals comprising of about 300 calories each, this should include breakfast, dinner, and lunch.

Snacks that total of 300 calories spread throughout the day. The snacks should include healthy drinks such as clean water flavored with a squeeze of lime or herbal teas. If you love coffee or tea, go for alternatives that contain low amounts of milk. Choose skimmed milk and save those large lattes with full-bodied milk for occasional treats.