Exercises to Lose Weight Without Equipment

Are you trying to set time aside before or after work for fat burning exercise? And how is that working for you? Do you get home and make dinner only to realize that there is just simply no time left in the day for exercise? If I told you could slip extra exercises to lose weight into your work routine I’m sure you would be interested!

Well here are a couple of tips you can use in lieu of exercises to lose weight at work:

1. Leave your car at home! – If you live close enough to work, try walking to work or even cycling. In fact, walking is one of the easiest and healthiest ways of burning fat.

2. Stand more – because standing burns off more fat than sitting, try looking for opportunities to stand rather than sitting. You can do this by switching your ‘sitting desk’ to a ‘standing desk’, standing while eating your lunch and also walking to another department in your company instead of messaging/calling them.

3. Have a break have a… fitness break! – Instead of hanging out in the lounge with coffee and snacks at the tea/coffee break time, go for a stroll outside or do some stretching. This also improves your diet by cutting out on all the sugar that is usually associated with this break time.


4. Use a fitness ball instead of a chair – this might seem odd but is a great way to burn fat, if you can balance, that is. Also, you will be building your core muscles which in turn will help in the fat burning process.

5. Keep hand weights at your desk – Do a couple of arm curls in between meetings. You can even mix it up by keeping other exercise equipment such as stretchy cords that provide resistance when you pull on them.

6. Create a lunchtime walking group – this is a great exercise for your lunch break, get a few work colleagues together and go for a walk! And on the plus side if you are a very social person you will love this part of your work day while burning fat!

7. Do a couple of ‘walking meetings’ – Instead of meeting or brainstorming at a desk, if it is practical to get up and do it on the go. And besides, if it is new ideas you are looking for, then the extra blood flow will definitely help the creative juices.

8. Get there faster – if you are lucky enough to have a job that involves a lot of walking, then pick up the pace and you will burn more calories.

Well, there you go, As long as you aren’t wasting any time at work, these tips will definitely help you on your weight loss journey. You probably aren’t going to replace all your exercises to lose weight with these tips, but they will definitely make up for what you are missing on odd occasions and can get you past those few extra stubborn pounds.